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Compliance Forms

This is an example of how we use Kim to help us manage our Data Protection and InfoSec obligations.

We simply took this mandatory training response form, tagged it and uploaded it into Kim. This form could have been sent via the Campaigns functionality and tracked accordingly.

This example shows how the form can be embedded in other systems for Users to access.

Data Protection Form

Non-Disclosure Agreement

This is a Kim sample NDA.

We simply took our mutual NDA, tagged it and uploaded it into Kim. This form could have been sent by email out of Kim. It could have been shared so that a recipient could preview, check-out, amend or, if happy with the contents, sign.

This example shows how any document can be embedded in other systems or on publicly facing websites for Users to access.

Mutual NDA

On-Boarding Checklist

This is an example of how we manage new team member on boarding to make sure new colleagues hit the ground running.

When a line manager has a new team member they complete section 1. This is then shared then with the colleague, via Kim, and updated by both parties as the induction progresses.

It provides structure, consistency and a record of the induction.

On-Boarding Checklist

Application Forms

This is an example of how we use Kim to capture essential information from a potential customer.

In this case this is for our ‘Proof of Concept in Day’ for $100/£100. In one day we take two customer documents, automate them, and ask the customer to test them live.

This form asks the questions that help us make the PoC as effective as possible for the customer. It confirms the scope.

Application Forms


There are five ways Kim helps you to collaborate internally and externally. You can Email, Share*, Send a Link*, Publish a Link (on your website or an internal system) or run a Campaign*. All with records management, audit trail and excel downloads of the data for analysis.

For the items marked with a * please click here and submit your details. We will share a document with you and send you a link to complete a form so that you can experience how easy this is for a User.

Easy document automation

Don’t let sleeping docs lie

Help colleagues easily generate those NDAs, Order Checklists, Offer Letters, Proposals… Increase customer and colleague satisfaction by making it easier to complete forms and provide necessary information. Remove the hassle from admin, compliance tasks and data collection and analysis.

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