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t he form, document and records management office productivity tool

Make Web Applications From Your ​Letters, Forms, Contracts/Agreements, Checklists (e.g. Sales, Legal, Compliance) and Other Word Documents

Have you ever considered that contracts, agreements, sales requests and other documents should be simple application solutions where users click a button, fill a form, receive a document and they are done?  For the business users, this saves time and money because the documents, data points, activity and the content are shared with the appropriate audiences.    

For the organization you can do this in minutes and even better you use the Word documents that you already have. With this approach, your business quickly evolves and your content becomes web applications with web forms that your internal and/or external customers simply complete.  The document, whatever it is, is automatically generated with full records managment, collaboration, data extraction with other capability automatically available.

With Kim's patented technology, you can transform your existing documents into web-based applications.

It is fast, it is easy and anyone can do it!

Watch where we setup an NDA once and will then be used again and again as a web-based application by customers and employees.  Here we used an NDA but this could be nearly any Word document obtaining document generation, form automation, records management and other capability that comes with Kim Document.

What documents can I automate?

You can automate virtually any document. Initially you may want to focus on two categories across your business functions. First, think about automating those routine documents that you and your colleagues use each day, week or month (e.g. order forms, customer reports, support requests …).  Second, automate those documents that require high conformance, consistency, records management and audit.  On-boarding checklist, IS27001 compliance form and NDAs are just a few examples.

Repeatable and High Volume Documents

Repeatable processes that Kim Document manages well includes checklists, proposals, price quotes, letters, notifications and request forms. Business benefit by automating these activities that are performed each day, week or month. By automating these types of documents, you will collect and validate data that provides control and consistency and which helps increase your teams' quality and efficiency. You will also make it easier and quicker for Users to submit this information.   

High Conformity and Audit

You will have a range of internal and customer documents, from contracts and agreements to HR information, that require high conformance and audit, including  attachments, notes, version control and where necessary electronic signature. This is a core competency of Kim Document.

Managing Complexity

Kim Document is very flexible and can comfortably manage 1 page documents with few data points through to 50 page documents with up to 100 data points. The NDA example below contains 9 data points and is 2 pages. To stimulate your thinking Kim Document has an Example Templates section.

We use Kim Document 

As you will see from the example screen shots below we use Kim Document ourselves. Our Use Cases cover all aspects of our business and include order forms, contracts and letters, purchase requests and employee onboarding. Using it ourselves also means we evolve Kim Document at pace because our product roadmap is influenced not only by customers but also by our own experience of using the product every day.

How easy is it to automate a document?   

Step 1: Tag your Word document    

Using a Word document that you already have, tag the areas where the variable content is located (see yellow highlighted examples below).  These can be names, addresses, phone numbers, products, clauses and many other data points.

Step 2: Upload your document

Simply open Kim document, select ‘+ Add New Template’ and complete the fields and ‘Create’ (see below).

Step 3: Use the Wizard to create the User form

Having completed step 2 you will be presented with the drag and drop Wizard creator. Simply layout your form (the form that Users will complete then generate the document) and save (see below).

Step 4: The document is now available

Having completed step 3 Users will now see the new document in the left hand menu. Users simply select the document they want and up pops the Wizard (see below). Once a User has completed the Wizard the document is automatically generated and appears in the Records window (see below).

Pricing Plans

form, document and records management all-in-one

forms, docs, signature Starter Standard professional Enterprise
Trial Free for 2-Weeks Yes Yes Yes
Pricing $140 per month
(billed annually)
$299 per month
(billed annually)
$499 per month
(billed annually)
Price per User $70.00 per month $59.80 per month $49.90 per month
License Forms, Documents and Signature Forms, Documents and Signature Forms, Documents and Signature 
+1 (908) 991-4700
Users * 2 5 10
Submissions per Month 100 1,000 3,000
Storage 1GB 2GB 5GB

*Users: Users are individuals who are ‘Owners’ and create the master forms and template in Kim Document. A team member or third party who completes a form, edits a document, views a record, signs a document who is not an ‘Owner’ is not charged a license fee. When ‘Submissions per Form’ or ‘Storage’ limits are exceeded you need to move to the next package level (i.e. if you are using the Starter pack you will move to the Standard package).

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the form, document and records management office productivity tool