Hyperion Research Recognizes Kim

Kim is recognized as an ‘Advanced Solution’ in its Workflow Automation MarketView Report, as well as a Market Leader in Document Generation and Highly Innovative for its Data Model.
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Web applications

for all work types

Whatever your sector, function or role, and whatever the size of your organization, Kim automates your existing letters, forms, checklists, compliance records and customer and supplier contracts.

Easy to adopt and deploy

Kim uses your existing documents and software.

No new tools to learn: Kim uses your browser, MS Teams and MS Word. 

No template or transformation project is required: Kim uses your existing content. 

No training is required to create the web applications: no-code, drag-and-drop wizard.

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‘Plays nicely’

Kim ‘plays nicely’ with your existing tech stack.

Kim’s no-code integration capability means you can integrate with your existing systems in hours rather than days or weeks, avoiding error-prone rekeying of data.

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Quick to value

Solve immediate tactical problems now and scale to enterprise.

With Kim, you know where your documents are and what is in them, plus you can reuse the data to generate other documents or populate other systems — typically generating RoI of over 50% in year one.

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Quick to value – solve immediate tactical problems now and scale to enterprise

With Kim you know where your documents are, you know what is in them and you can reuse the data to generate other documents or populate other systems. Typically generating RoI of over 50% in year one.




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Kim Enterprise

For global corporations

Proven with global organizations in a range of sectors including financial services, pharma, technology and professional services, Kim is to the legal, contracting, compliance and related functions what Salesforce is to sales, what Workday is to HR, what SAP is to finance. Kim is a global operations platform with thousands of users in over 25 countries.

Kim Intelligent Automation

For small, mid and large organizations

Kim assists IT functions and knowledge workers to capture data and use that data to both generate one or more documents and seamlessly populate other core organization systems. One Kim application delivering straight through processing to one or multiple REST enabled systems. All without a line of code. Reducing ‘time to market’ from weeks to hours.

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