Document and Web App Automation

No training required. No new software to download. Live in minutes. From your browser or MS Teams.
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Get work done

Faster. Better. Cheaper.

So you, your colleagues and customers can work more quickly


Start from where you are

Take your existing documents

Let Kim instantly automate & activate them

Share immediately with colleagues and customers

No training required

Use your existing tools – Word and Teams

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Easy drag and drop automation

Seamless in MS Teams

‘Share’ as well as ‘Send’

‘Send Webform’ for quick third-party access and data collection

Internal / external campaign management

Full records and data management

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Colleagues / customers pay no fee

No new software

No training required

Less time and effort to share

Records and data management

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For you

Whatever sector you are in. Whatever your role. Whatever your documents. You can turn your documents into applications for your individual use cases.

Our pricing

Manage your costs by selecting a plan or creating your own. Only the individuals who automate and activate your documents pay a license fee.

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Don’t let sleeping docs lie

Help colleagues easily generate those NDAs, Order Checklists, Offer Letters, Proposals… Increase customer and colleague satisfaction by making it easier to complete forms and provide necessary information. Remove the hassle from admin, compliance tasks and data collection and analysis.

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