About us

We started Kim in 2013. After three years of research and development our first generally available product was released in May 2016. Every day our patent protected software is used by thousands of individuals around the world in different departments and business functions, across many sectors and industries, in small businesses, medium sized organisations and large global enterprises.

Our philosophy

We think that documents should work hard for you and your organization. And not be hard work.

We are not pretending that documents are as exciting as a great night out. We don’t think documents should be the subject of every great dinner conversation. But we do know that when you wake up your documents, they can help you drive your organization forward, instead of slowing you down.

We will do everything we can to help make it easy for you to create, share, use and analyse your NDAs, Order Forms, Offer Letters, Compliance Forms, Proposals and any of your other documents. Building trust and increasing satisfaction levels by making it easier to collaborate internally and externally, complete forms and provide necessary information.

We’ll help you save time, cut costs and take out the hassle from everyday admin and compliance tasks.

Welcome to Kim.

Wake up your documents.

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