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Whatever sector you’re in. Whatever your role. Whatever letters, records, checklists, compliance forms or contracts you want to automate, activate, share and analyze. Kim helps you turn your documents into applications for your individual use cases.

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For Office Managers

Become a hero! Save everyone time, money and hassle. Self-serve colleagues and customers.

Take your routine documents (e.g. letters, order forms, contracts…) and automate and activate them.

Automate the distribution, completion, return and data management of compliance records, forms and checklists.

Run event driven data capture campaigns internally or externally, such as tracking attendance at mandatory training sessions.

Share with colleagues and customers.

No training required.

Faster. Better. Cheaper.

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Kim can automate almost any document. If your sector or use case is not listed above, then either try Kim for free for two weeks, select ‘PoC in a Day’, or contact us for a chat.

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Don’t let sleeping docs lie

Help colleagues easily generate those NDAs, Order Checklists, Offer Letters, Proposals… Increase customer and colleague satisfaction by making it easier to complete forms and provide necessary information. Remove the hassle from admin, compliance tasks and data collection and analysis.

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